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I‘ll show you how to ignite your yoga practice to facilitate real transformation on all levels of your Being.

(Hint: It’s not about doing more or deeper asana.)

 — Rishika

Three misconceptions about yoga:

If you practice a lot of asana, you are “doing serious yoga.”
Sitting for meditation is optional (and mostly used for stress relief).
The more flexible you are, the more advanced you must be.

The truth:

Your practice of yoga is the most important work you’ll do in your life — not only for yourself, but everyone in your life and for the world as a whole.

That is not an overstatement.

But I’m not talking about the postures, or asanas. In fact, in the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali wrote only one phrase about asana: “Sthira sukham asanam” (balance between stability and ease), and he was referring primarily to sitting in meditation. 

So … most of what takes place in an average studio class — while beneficial to general health and well-being — is really just a gateway to discovering the practices that produce real transformation

The vast majority of practitioners never open that gate. Many don’t realize it exists.

True yoga goes far beyond asana: It is a complex synergy of practices that capital-Y Yogis perform in specific ways in order to experience higher states of consciousness. Most of these practices aren’t taught in studio asana classes; the Yogis who succeed do so because they also practice outside the studio.

It’s a path that requires commitment, courage, dedication, and strength … but the gate to higher Consciousness is always unlocked.

Will you open it?



So what’s the solution?

Change your focus! Move asana classes into their proper role — as a support to your personal practice. And if you don’t have a personal practice yet, you need to build one.

This course will show you how.

Time-tested yogic practices that work

There are many routes to the Divine but most of them share an understanding of the energetic principles inherent to all human bodies, irrespective of faith.

Mind, breath, and nervous system can be invoked in specific ways to facilitate the elevation of Consciousness. 

The Yoga Ignition Course gives you not just techniques to help move you closer to Self realization, but a thorough overview of how and why they all work together — something you won’t get from studio classes.

You’ll learn simple yet powerful, proven breath work and meditation techniques — and you’ll learn how to practice them in order to maximize their effects.

What does the course cover?

Find your Bhakti

Bhakti means devotion. Yoga does not require you to believe in any particular deity or cosmology, but it does require you to trust the idea that a higher wisdom is at work within you.

When you offer up your practice to that principle (by whatever you wish to name it), you create a certain vibrational context that can supercharge your practice and power you to the next level.

Learn More

Just the essentials

Fun fact! The Hatha yoga based styles (Vinyasa, Ashtanga, etc.) rely on a core series of 84 asanas that are designed to condition the body in various ways. Most are not critical to a Yogi’s overall spiritual development, so doing ever more or harder classes will just exhaust you. 

But a few asanas are essential to practice daily if you want to make real progress. In the Yoga Ignition course, you learn which ones you need in your everyday yoga “tool kit,” and how to implement them in your home practice.



About me…

Hi! I’m Rishika, a yoga and spiritual teacher (RYT300) and private yoga coach. 

It’s my goal to show you how to build your personal practice and streamline it so that serves you as effectively and efficiently as possible — both in the studio, and out.

My teaching philosophy combines practical elements of Patanjali’s eight limbs of Raja yoga combined with deep wisdom derived from Tantra, Kriya, and other traditions from both East and West.

I won’t sugar coat it though — the Yoga Ignition course won’t speak to every yogi — juse the ones who feel what I call the capital-L Longing to know what’s Real. 

This is not a course meant to flatter your ego or induce a “pink cloud” state of mind.

It will require you to dig deep and commit to your practice. But if you’ve been practicing asana and still feel like you’ve been “spinning your chakras in one place,” I can help you take the next steps.

More about me

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