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Learn more about Yoga Ignition and the Awakening Process. You’ll receive a link to download a .pdf file to save or print.

Tips for Better Meditation (6MB)

For the most productive sits, you need to attend to the details. Here are five tips (plus two bonus tips) that can help you get more comfortable, quiet your mind, deepen your concentration and approach dhyana more quickly.  

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Guide to Awakening Signs and Symptoms (5.5MB)

It’s not your imagination: Appetite changes, sleep disruption, and spontaneous kriyas (physical movements) are just a few of the sometimes odd phenomena that can accompany the spiritual Awakening process. Learn more about 9 common signs.

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FULL Guide to Awakening Signs and Symptoms (10MB)

Patiende and self-compassion are of utmost importance when we go through this extraordinarily challenging process. This guide will fill you in on 28 strange and sometimes wonderful signs and symptoms that you’re experiencing Awakening on every level.

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